Today a career means much more than a stable place to work for 25 years. Your scientists and researchers are looking at company values, meaning, community, and culture. HR specialists tells us culture and engagement is one of their biggest challenges. By putting together special events for your teams, you make it easier to attract, retain and engage.

Priorities include flexibility of the job, professional development, and doing good. Prospective and current team members care about social responsibility efforts, such as corporate giving, volunteerism and sustainability. When you put on events that support this type of corporate culture, what your company does and says aligns with what the teams today want.

Earth Day, health expos, travel fairs, sustainability events and more!
BVS is at the ready to make your event a resounding success. As a full-service event, marketing and planning company, we love helping your company or organization put on its own unique special event.

The same experience we bring to your custom-designed vendor showcases, FlashTalks, and scientific summits makes BVS the right choice to help you plan, manage, and execute your corporate culture and special events.

In addition, we have assisted organizations like BIOCOM, Bio Supply Management Alliance, MassBio, Mass Innovation Labs in supporting their events. From procuring the speakers, to developing sponsorships, identifying and locking in the best vendors, we do it all.

Let your imagination go. What would be a great event to energize your people? Let’s brainstorm and make it happen -- call (858) 573-9331 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.